17 Voortrekker Street, Ceres, South Africa
Amazing Pies is a speciality pastry company based in Ceres. Our business foundation lies in makin...
At Source and in2food  cmyk-01.jpg
At Source Handmade Foods is a specialty foods company based on Koelfontein farm in the Warm Bokke...
Bamco Logo New.jpg
Cascade Road, Ceres, South Africa
Verpakking van Appels.
We make healthy snacks and cereal cubs. If anyone tried to sneak any nonsense into our foods we’d...
7, Boerneef St, Ceres, 6835
+27 (0) 23 315 8100+27 (0) 23 315 8100
Bella Frutta started with operations in November 2015. It is an apple and pear packing facility t...
Oudste Familiebesigheid in S.A – 10de geslag is almal al betrokke, 11de geslag is al gebore, Nasi...
Koue Bokkeveld, Ceres, Western Cape, South Africa
Bronaar maak van die Landbou ‘n loopbaan met ‘n toekoms
1 Munnik Street, Ceres, South Africa
All the building materials you need to make home building simple.
86 Voortrekker Street, Ceres, South Africa
Doen van projeksies, strategiese beplanning, begrotings, besigheids winsgewendheid, belasting, op...
Bon Chretien Street, Ceres, 6835
Ceres Fruit Growers is een van Suid – Afrika se grootste appel en peer verpakking-, verkoeling- e...
Vos Street, Ceres, South Africa
Our business is farmer owned and we process apples and pears into fruit juice concentrates and pu...
Ceres Shell Logo.png
27 Voortrekker Road, Ceres, 6835
We have the following Shell Fuels available: V Power Nitro Diesel (50ppm), Diesel Extra (500ppm),...
Cnr Voortrekker And Owen Street, Western Cape, Ceres, 6835
At SPAR we continuously strive to achieve the highest standards of quality in all areas, from our...
Picture 018.jpg
112 Voortrekker Street, Ceres, South Africa
Evolved from our foundation in 1963, Ceres Toyota currently consists of six different service div...
1 Voortrekker Str, Ceres, 6835
This “foefieslide” adventure is situated in the lovely mountains surrounding the Ceres Valley.  A...
Computer Mania Logo 2.jpg
123 Voortrekker Street, Ceres 6835, South Africa
+27 (0) 23 0040829+27 (0) 23 0040829
IT Verkope en Herstelwerk – Dra ook van redelik alles in IT voorraad.
63 Main Road Paarl 7646 South Africa
Core Fruit (Pty) Ltd is a worldwide supplier of fresh fruit. Our business is one that builds stro...
DBS Logo.png
3 Vreeland Street, Ceres, South Africa
+27 (0) 23 315 6700+27 (0) 23 315 6700
+27 (0) 86 502 4104
DB Slootgrawerdiens (PTY) LTD, situated in Ceres in the Western Cape, South Africa, is an earthmo...
Boerneef Street, Ceres, South Africa
The De Keur Group is a family-owned agricultural business with a rich history.  The first farm, D...
Du Toit Group
5 Pine Street, Ceres 6835, South Africa
+27 (0) 23 312 3136+27 (0) 23 312 3136
+27 (0)23 316 1229
Dutoit Agri was established in 1893 and has more than 120 years of experience in the production a...
Logo New 29012014.jpg
Voortrekker Straat 86a, ceres
Dynamic Vision Optometrists believe in professional eye care, personal service and exceptional va...
I focus on logo design, branding and concept development. ‘Ekzaltim’ means ‘to uplift, encourage,...
Voortrekker Street 143, ceres, 6835
ERA Independent Ceres is located in Ceres. We specialise in the sale and rental of residential pr...
FODB Logo Afr.png
58 Voortrekker Street, Ceres, South Africa
Fourie Oberg de Bruyn Inc. originated in 2008 when the first initial directors, Christie Fourie, ...
Ceres, South Africa
+27 (0) 23 312 3262+27 (0) 23 312 3262
+27 (0) 86 6651 010
Please contact us if you need any premises cleaned.
Goede Hoop Vrugte
Bemark vars vrugte van ‘n aantal produsente in die Wes-Kaap op sowel die plaaslike- as die oorses...
HarmGroep LOGOCOL.jpg
17 Voortrekker & van Riebeeck str, Ceres 6835
Beleggings in primêre en sekondêre Landbou
HARMONY BEE logo.jpg
17 Voortrekker & van Riebeeck str, Ceres 6835
+27 (0) 23 317 0757+27 (0) 23 317 0757
Kommersiële Bemagtigde Landbou Besigheid sedert 2006
Howbill Logo.png
Ceres, South Africa
Howbill Farming had its origin in 1952 when Mr Howard Bertram Gibson bought the farm Parys, Koue ...
133 Voortrekker Street, Ceres, South Africa
+27 (0) 86 111 5193+27 (0) 86 111 5193
+27 (0) 23 315 5651
The JM Group continues to offer a total concept hiring, sales, repair and maintenance service to ...
9 Orange Street, Ceres, South Africa
+27 (0) 23 022 0001+27 (0) 23 022 0001
+27 (0) 23 316 1218
Dr CP Bezuidenhout opened a practice in Tulbagh in 1976. Johan Bezuidenhout, his son, joined him ...
Logo Finaal 04.jpg
84 Voortrekker Street, Ceres, 6835
Our firm was established by Johan Rauch and was previously known as Rauch Van Vuuren.  We have al...
KA_Sedert-clear background.png
29 Retief St, Ceres, 6835
Kaap Agri had its origins when a few farmers in the Swartland decided to jointly buy guano (bird ...
kaleo logo toerisme.jpg
Malabar Farm, Koue Bokkeveld
Kaleo is n gasteplaas met n trouvenue ongeveer 35 km buitekant Ceres in die Koue Bokkeveld. Die r...
Logo hires.png
63 Bergsig Street, Die Dorp Op Die Berg, Op-die-Berg, South Africa
+27 (0) 23 3170983+27 (0) 23 3170983
+27 (0) 23 317 0597
The aim of the centre is to improve productivity and to stimulate human development of the farms ...
57 Lyell Street, Ceres, 6835
023316 2366023316 2366
023316 2385
At Laastedrif, we produce fruit and vegetables of outstanding quality all year round. We take gre...
Momentum financial planning (002).jpg
268 West Avenue Centurion 0157
Momentum is a trusted partner on your journey to financial wellness. We guide you by offering lea...
Morester 100yr Logo Colour.jpg
Farm, Farm Op Die Berg, Koue Bokkeveld, Western Cape
023317 0132
Harmony Trust is a workers’ trust, established by the permanent workers of the Harmony Group (Môr...
5 Arion Street, Ceres, South Africa
Langafstand platbak en Koelvervoer
71 Voortrekker Street, Ceres, South Africa
Nedbank provides banking services and solutions to cater for every individual, as well as busines...
19 John Gainsford Street, Springbokpark, Cape Town, South Africa
Picsa strives to improve the financial health of low-income South Africans by simplifying wealth ...
70 Voortrekker Street, Ceres 6835, South Africa
Quickbiz Solutions is a private business consulting practice that offers expert financial service...
13 Porter Street Ceres South Africa
Reid’s Engineering (Reid & Verwey) offers innovative, mechanical, agricultural solutions to t...
18 Bergsig Street, Ceres, 6835
Riding & Watt is a firm of Professional Land Surveyors specializing in cadastral surveys and ...
Safe Working Practice, is a consultancy specialising in health and safety issues affecting the co...
91 Voortrekker Street, Ceres, South Africa
Commercial Bank (FSP) specialising in taking deposits, giving advise on Short Term and Long Term ...
20160615 - Square Framing Business Card (7).png
Buitenstraat 52, Ceres, 6835
T Square Framing is situated in Buitenstraat 52, Bella Vista, Ceres, 6835 Western Cape and specia...
liberty life, western cape
Estate Planning; Investments & Offshore investments; Retirement Annuities; Will and Testament...
Our Vission – To be accessible to the whole community and to depict the natural and cultura...
38 Jasmyn Street, Ceres, South Africa
Witzenberg Crime Prevention Unit is committed to providing exceptional services by delivering per...
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