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Witzenberg Municipality

Witzenberg Municipality consists of various towns, including Tulbagh, Wolseley, Ceres, N’Duli, Prince Alfred’s Hamlet and Op-die-Berg. The area is picturesque, surrounded by vast stretches of farm land and austere mountain ranges. The climate is frigid in winter (May – Aug) and often results in moderate snow fall. During summer, the temperatures can soar above 30°C. Witzenberg offers entertainment, fishing, golfing, horseback riding, wine tasting and breathtaking tours. Witzenberg Municipality falls under the leadership of Executive Mayor Barnito Klaasen, who is responsible for the political and strategic oversight and management of the municipality. The Witzenberg Municipality Council consists of 23 councillors, 12 of which are ward councillors and 11 are proportional representative councillors. The administration of Witzenberg Municipality is managed and directed by the Municipal Manager, Mr David Nasson, who is responsible for the coordination, planning and budgeting of service delivery objectives and operations, executing the strategic aims of Council’s Integrated Development Plan and Budget. Contact the Witzenberg Municipality Control Centre for emergencies and service delivery queries on (023) 316 2328/9 (24 hours). Witzenberg – A Municipality that cares for its community, creating growth and opportunity!

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