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Reids Engeneering

Reid’s Engineering (Reid & Verwey) offers innovative, mechanical, agricultural solutions to the farming industry. With a ‘Proudly South African’ history of over 50 years, equipment is ‘tailor made’ for the South African environment. The newly developed RED ANT PRODUCT range provides the ultimate in mechanisation, enabling labour efficiency, labour upskilling and improved productivity. Reid’s Engineering products include a comprehensive range of implements and pack shed solutions. Products available are matched with excellent after sales service and a full range of spare parts. Reid’s Engineering is the importer and distributing agent for several top European brands including Celli, KWH, Mitterer and Festi. Reid’s Engineering is based in Ceres, Western Cape, South Africa. Distributing agents are located around the country. Contact us for more details or to locate your nearest agent.

Contact Information

13 Porter Street Ceres South Africa